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Yes, both the App Store and Google Play Store have specific requirements and guidelines that you need to follow when uploading a Glide app. These requirements include technical specifications, content guidelines, and app submission policies. It is important to review and adhere to these guidelines to ensure your app is accepted.

Yes. To upload your Glide web app to both the App Store and Google Play Store, you must possess a developer account for each platform. These accounts grant you access to essential tools and resources vital for app submission.

We recommend creating an organization type account for both the App Store and Google Play Store. This is particularly beneficial because Google’s new policy suggests for individual type account having 20 testers to test your app for 14 days before releasing it into production mode on Google Play. However, if you opt for an individual type account, don’t worry; we’re here to assist. We can also help you acquire 20 testers to test for 14 days with some additional charges.

Once your app is uploaded to the stores, you generally cannot change the link associated with it. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that you are satisfied with the URL you provide during the upload process. Take the time to confirm that the link accurately reflects your app and meets your requirements before finalizing the submission.

Yes, you can collect payments within your Glide app while it is available on the App Store or Google Play. However, it is generally recommended to remove any payment functionality temporarily while the app is undergoing the approval process. This can help prevent potential issues with compliance and ensure a smoother review process. Once your app is approved, you can reinstate the payment functionality as needed.

No, you need to remove it, as Apple does not allow third-party login services without Apple Login.

Yes, you can make hassle-free updates, eliminating the need to update Android and iOS separately. Any modifications you make will be automatically reflected in your live app, ensuring a seamless user experience across both platforms.

Typically, it takes around 3-7 days from our end to prepare the app. Afterward, both the App Store and Google Play Store usually take another 3-7 days for review. If your account has been active for some time, the review time may be shorter.

For Android:

  • App Publishing Fee: $210 (One-time)
  • Push Notification Integration Fee: $50 (One-time)
  • Developer Account Creation: Google charges a one-time fee of $25.

For iOS:

  • App Publishing Fee: $210 (One-time)
  • Push Notification Integration Fee: $50 (One-time)
  • Developer Account Fee: Apple charges $99 annually.

Please note that these costs cover the essential fees for publishing your app on both platforms and integrating push notifications. Additionally, you’ll need to create developer accounts on Google and Apple, incurring the respective one-time fees mentioned above.

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