Submit App Store Information

Developer Account Access

1. Your google developer account Admin access by this email-

Go to your google play console > Users and Permission > invite new user > put this email ( > select Admin with all account access > click Invite

2. Your Apple developer account full access include login id and pass (if the account type is organization then you can give me admin access with developer resources also) 

Step to send admin access if the account is organization type:

Go AppStoreConnect. log in and click Users and permission. 

Then click the plus + 

put my information. 

First name- Nokib

Last name- 03


Select admin including Developer Resource  (note you need to give me admin roll)

and sent the invite.

Disclaimer: Please use this email ( only to give me your google play and apple developer account access/permission. This email is not used for any kind of other contact or communication.